Friends of Montpelier Shambhala: We invite everyone who wishes to regularly use our space for their meditation practice to also help with our modest monthly expenses. Our space is funded by donations from friends and members and program fees. Please consider joining with those of us who already make regular monthly donations. It is always an option to leave a donation in the donation jar. We also accept donations via our PayPal account here. Automatic monthly donations from your bank account are also very helpful and possible.

Becoming a Member of Montpelier Shambhala: If you are ready for a deeper relationship to Shambhala and its many activities, you are invited to become a member at any time. Becoming a member in Montpelier simultaneously brings membership in global Shambhala, our worldwide community that is committed to working together to cultivate mindfulness, awareness and compassion―personally and in society. You can talk with Ellen Kahler or Felicia Messuri about why and how to become a member.

Resources available through Global Shambhala: Considering yourself a member of global Shambhala is also always an option and a great way to support your own inspiration, curiosity, and commitment to the Shambhala path of awakening. It offers opportunities to participate in our worldwide community, in person and online, of practitioners aspiring to work together with honesty, warmth, and openness. We also inspire one another to deepen our practice of mindfulness, awareness, and compassion.


Explore a range of resources when you become a member of Shambhala.