Giving and receiving with grace and generosity is part of our everyday practice. This practice is reflected in our program fee generosity policy.

Our generosity policy is intended to invite and sustain a diverse community in Montpelier and to make our program offerings available to all who wish to participate. If a published regular program price is financially unworkable for you, please consider what amount will work for you, and offer what is possible.

For those who can offer more than the regular program price, we suggest a “Special” price, but there is no limit on this generosity. Generosity in offering the “Special” price helps cover costs for all who graciously join in our practice and our community.

Our space and projects are funded by individual donations and our program fees. We are a group of individuals committed to providing a space for Shambhala meditation in Montpelier.

It is always good to make a donation when you use our space by leaving a check or cash in our donation box. We also warmly invite you to join us as a monthly supporter in Montpelier by making an automatic monthly donation. Your monthly donation can also give you access as a member of global Shambhala if you wish. Your donations (but not your program fees) may also be tax-deductible. Please ask Ellen ([email protected]) for more information.


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