Mudra Space Awareness: The Shambhala Practice of Going Beyond

with Zoey Moyle

May 1st

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    Through various exercises, Mudra Space Awareness is the practice in the Shambhala Lineage centered on actively bringing attention to feeling in the body, and conversely refocusing attention away from thinking. This practice connects us to ourselves and the world. It is perfect for those of us who are told, or believe, that we "think too much," those of us who may feel cut off. Often we may find that thinking too much is detrimental to how we engage with others and our lives, leaving us feeling sluggish, passive, and/or depressed. By exploring Mudra Space Awareness we can reverse this habit, and regain a sense of empowered agency, simply by remembering we each have worthiness that we can immediately feel. Come discover more about how this is possible!

    Note: Zoey provided an open house talk on Mudra Space Awareness in August. Many participants at that open house expressed interested interest in actually experiencing the practice ... now is your chance!
    Zoey Moyle has been a Shambhala Buddhist practitioner for almost seven years, and a teacher of Mudra Space Awareness for about two. Her coming to Shambhala story is wild and weird, and her path within Shambhala since realizing it is her spiritual home has been incredible and challenging. Zoey is fascinated by cultural rejuvenation, whimsy, and being a body. Her collegiate background is in theatre, and her current work is in cooking and hospitality.
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