Mid-Summer Picnic & Celebration

June 24th

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    We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to our Midsummer's Day Potluck and Celebration at a location TBD in Montpelier, Sunday, June 24th, from 12:30-3 pm!

    This will be an afternoon of fun, feasting, and festivity for all, in celebration of the solstice and the summer season. 

    Come and celebrate the solstice with us! Feasting, fun, merriment, and joy will abound as we honor the season and enjoy our community. Midsummer's Day is one of four seasonal holidays celebrated throughout the Shambhala year, holidays which invite us to "commemorate the ongoing dance of sun, moon, and earth as reflected in the changing seasons" (quoted from Wendy Friedman's article on Midsummer's Day in the Shambhala Times). 

    We wanted to be sure that you know:

    • This afternoon of festivities is for everyone -- family of all ages, friends, people you meet on the street, etc! No need to be a Shambhala meditator to join in the fun!
    • We would love for you to bring children and family!
    • Registration is not required - please just show up if you decide last-minute. We only asked folks to register so that we would have some idea of how many people are coming.
    • The Shambhala Center will provide beverages (water, seltzer, and juice) -- the food is potluck. Please bring a dish to share!  charcoal grills are available
    • In an effort to be environmental stewards, we are asking everyone to please bring your own cup, plate, and silverware to use for the feasting.

    Please don't hesitate to reach out to Felicia ([email protected]) with any questions, comments, or requests!

    Thank you and hope to see you there!


    Midsummer's Day Celebration Organizer