Open House

with Alexandra Vlasic

January 9th -Date postponed or cancelled

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    Join us for our monthly Open House at Montpelier Shambhala. This month's meditation instruction and brief talk will be led by Alex Vlasic, entitled, Cultivating Genuine Confidence: Finding our Seat on the Earth

    In a speedy society that often values profit, productivity, and prestige over human lives and wellbeing, how do we value our own humanity?  What do we place our confidence in? In a culture where nothing is ever good enough, how do we free ourselves from infinite self-improvement projects? Just as the Buddha said when he attained Enlightenment, the Earth is our witness. Together we will explore the unconditional confidence that is our birth right.
    Alex Vlasic has been practicing meditation and studying dharma within the Shambhala Buddhist lineage for 7 years. She is a facilitator, writer, emerging Shambhala teacher, and assistant teacher to the UnTraining White Liberal Racism program. She lives in Plainfield, VT.

    After this brief talk, we'll have a short discussion, tea and snacks.  

    All are welcome!  Free, though donations are always welcome.