Open House

February 6th

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    Join us for our monthly Open House at Montpelier Shambhala.

    Fresh Start

    On the Shambhala calendar, we have just entered a new year - the year of the Earth Boar. It is a perfect time to remember that in our lives, now is always the moment for a fresh start. Would you like some practical tips for working with the intensity of emotions and the waterfall of thoughts? Would you like to find a way to refresh yourself each and every day? Then join Sarah Lipton at February's Open House for a period of guided meditation practice and a practical conversation about how to come back to yourself and start fresh any time you need to.


    Sarah Lipton is rooted in over twenty years of service, training and teaching in Shambhala, and has worked with hundreds of leaders as they navigate all the challenges of leadership. Through her business, The Presence Point, Sarah works with organizations who wish to empower their leaders from the inside-out. Her passion stems from the conviction that when leaders are genuine, society can bloom. She is a soon-to-be-published author, keynote speaker, podcaster and leadership consultant and lives high on a hill in East Calais, VT with her husband and two small daughters.

    After this brief talk, we'll have a short discussion, tea and snacks.  

    All are welcome!  Free, though donations are always welcome.