Embodying Humanness: Exploring Feminine and Masculine Principles through Mudra Space Awareness and Co-Creativity

with Zoey Moyle

April 29th—May 20th

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Gender is a big topic right now in the world and an especially hot topic in Shambhala. Often we get caught on a more conventional or relative level of understanding it. According to the Buddhist and Shambhala teachings, what underlies this is that no matter what gender one relates to being, we all contain two principles. These energies can be called Masculine and Feminine. Along these lines, it could be said that we cannot flourish without feeling our connection with both and how they work together. In this three-class series, we will explore the deeper aspects of our human experience as a group through felt exercises and conversation. Our main method for exploration will be examining the ordinary magic of what the body, mind, and heart have to offer us directly through a practice called Mudra Space Awareness. We may discover that these principles are linked to relative gender, that they are not, or something else entirely. Come connect with yourself and those who want to delve into this topic; let’s be in process with each other!

Space is limited to 10 participants so register early to ensure your attendance!

Pre-requisites: A regular meditation practice is strongly recommended; attending all three classes is highly encouraged.

About the Teacher: Zoey Moyle has been a Shambhala Buddhist since 2012 and a teacher of Mudra Space Awareness since 2015. She has lived and worked at Karme Choling Meditation Retreat Center, and been a Shambhala Center Director. She is impassioned about making an embodied culture of mutual support and understanding with whoever is interested. Her background in is theater and her current work is cooking. Zoey is on a path to healing her relationship to fun and hopes you will join her.